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Funny Yarn 50%

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Purchase $50 dollars of Yarn Supplies or Stamp Supplies and get a chance to win a $25 dollar Gift Certificate.

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Fabric and Sewing Center

We are the Largest Fabric Dealer in Maine. We have a huge select of Fabric, in just about every color and pattern.

We have fabric for almost any pattern that you are working on, not to mention, fabric for those future projects. We have books, patterns, and tons of sewing material.

We have Buttons, more so then most stores, in every shape and size. If your looking for a special button, and we haven't got it in stock, feel free to bring us a button, and we will try our hardest to order you an exact one for you.

We also carry a fine line of sewing machines, ranging from simple to programmable.

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We are more then willing to fill custom orders, and even ship them anywhere in the world.

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